Losing something is terrible, especially if it is important to you. Can you imagine what could happen if you lost your phone or your wallet? Or your keys?! I’m sure that everyone has lost something sometime, even if it wasn’t so important. You can feel awfully bad. First, you panic because you miss something, and then, you start thinking the consequences of having lost that object…

I was going to the high school and I was late, I only had to pick my backpack, my coat, my phone and my keys. I thought: «I will organize these and I will place the phone and the keys when I arrive at the car».

Chica con cara de sorpresa

Hours later, I left the high school and returned to my house. I arrived home and I was looking for my keys, but I couldn’t find them. I got so nervous and I panicked. I had lost them!! What could I do?! Thinking about where I could have left them, I remembered that when I was in the car, I had put my phone in the backpack, but I was so nervous that I didn’t realize that I hadn’t taken the keys! I didn’t get to put them in my backpack. I thought they could have fallen while I was going to the car, so I only could wait until my parents got home.

When one of them finally arrived, we got inside and I saw my keys on the chest of drawers that we have in the hall! I hadn’t taken them with me when we left the house!!