Writing stories is a lot of fun because we can create our own reality just with words.  We can have our own adventures and be what we want, and that is what happened to me last summer.

The tutor had told us to write a story, but  I completely forgot about it.  Therefore, I created my own excuse with a story that I hope you like.

There was once a girl who forgot to do her English summer homework.  Her parents and her tutor got deeply disappointed with her.  However, she reacted quickly and tried to do something with a lot of love and imagination.

She travelled to the heart of the English language.  She was there for a while looking for words for her story. The heart was half red and half blue.  There were lots of verbs, and next to them thousands of phrasal verbs appearing and disappearing in an annoying way.  Friends were false, so she tried to be very  careful!  Some words were so confusing that she could not convey the exact meaning of her messages.  Unlike those enemies, she came across lots of beautiful expressions and idioms full of colours and nuances.  Synonyms and opposites were in different halves, but they got on very well with each other . She felt so happy to have all she needed to write her story that she went back home and got down to writing everything immediately.

My imagination is not a false friend, it is not an easily confused word, but it has a verb which is IMAGINE, an adjective which is IMAGINATIVE , an opposite which is UNIMAGINATIVE and…with a little of IMAGINATION , I wrote this story, an UNIMAGINABLE task that I had never thought I would be  able to do BY ANY STRETCH OF the IMAGINATION.